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GLIASIS is a Consultant firm that provides industrial automation and safety instrument systems solutions to various industries with the following services:
1.      Instrumentation Solution.
2.      Triconex SIS PLC Solution system.
3.      HIMA SIS PLC Solution system.
4.      Allen Bradley PLC Solution system.
5.      Modicon PLC Solution system.
6.      Semiens PLC Solution system.
7.      GE Mark VIe DCS System.
8.      DeltaV DCS System.
9.      Commissioning plan and online cutover plan.
10.  Troubleshooting and assistance guide.

Our mission here at GLIASIS is to provide automation & safety instrument systems (SIS) services for companies around the globe. We provide services for companies seeking to implement new automation & SIS systems, migrate their existing systems, or involvement of multiple phases.  Our focus is to provide a solid design, solid commissioning plan, and executing the commissioning plan, all while minimizing the cost and providing the tools to minimize startup time and troubleshooting efforts.

GLIASIS was established in order to seek and serve our clients around the world, and provide them with automation and SIS engineering services and solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Seeking, serving, and providing high value.

We provide instrumentation, control, and electrical Consultant services from the concept phase through the implementation phase.  

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371 Hoes Lane, Suite 200 Piscataway NJ- 08854


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